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Issues in Disaster Science and Management: A Critical Dialogue Between Scientists and Emergency Managers

Editors: Joseph Trainor (UDEL PI) and Tony Subbio
Graduate Research Assistant: TBD
Funding Agencies: FEMA in Higher Education Program

Study Description

For a long time, the emergency management community has complained about the gap between practitioners and scientists that focus on disasters.  This project is designed to develop a textbook that will help bridge this divide. Our approach will focus the attention of academic/practitioner teams’ on critical contemporary issues related to disasters.  For each issue, academics and practitioners will be selected to describe what we “know.”  Researchers will be asked to focus on the scientific findings and practitioners will be asked to discuss patterns and variation in national policies/state of practice.  The focus of the project will be on facilitating an exchange of ideas between these communities and developing a vision for how their important insights could be brought together to make the US emergency management system better.

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