DRC-Disaster Research Center

Lucia Velotti

Graduate Research Assistant
163 Graham Hall
Newark, DE 19716
Email: lvelotti@udel.edu


Lucia Velotti is a PhD student in the School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Delaware. At the same time, she is completing her Italian PhD in “Economy and direction of Public Enterprises” at the University of Salerno, Italy, where she will discuss a thesis on network performance in the Campania Region waste emergency management. 

During her undergraduate’s studies, Lucia devoted her attention to the development of territorial policies, which led her to travel across different countries (Germany and Spain) in order to promote and gather suggestions on ways through which to improve the offer of the Campania Region territory. Since graduating in 2004, she focused on the use of Internet as enabling tool for territorial improvement and governance. In this attempt Lucia took part to several researches at the University of Salerno.

Lucia joined the Disaster Research Center as research assistant on September 2009. She is working on the Netherlands US Water Crisis Research Network (NUWCREN) project. Her main research interests are network governance and management.