DRC-Disaster Research Center

Sam Penta

Graduate Research Assistant
163 Graham Hall
Newark, DE 19716-2581
Phone: (302) 831-6625
Fax: (302) 831-2091
Email: spenta@udel.edu


Sam is a Masters Student in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice and is a graduate Research Assistant at the Disaster Research Center. 

Currently, Sam is working on a project examining social media, media framing, and humanitarian relief.  Past work at the DRC includes a project examining nursing home and congregate-care challenges to emergency evacuation and sheltering, arising from Delaware’s experience with Hurricane Irene in 2011. Other research includes work on hurricane evacuation and sheltering in North Carolina, and organizational networks in emergency response Delaware.  Her master’s thesis is using organizational culture theory to examine cultures surrounding disaster preparedness in Delaware nursing homes.

Sam earned her Honors Bachelor of Arts with Distinction at the University of Delaware where she studied United States History and Sociology with a concentration in Emergency and Environmental Management. During that time, she worked at DRC as an undergraduate Research Assistant for 2 ½ years.  Her undergraduate thesis examined media coverage of the US Airways Flight 1549 crash into the Hudson River, studying how men and women were portrayed in the response to the event.  Her research interests include communication, information sharing, media studies, and gender in the disaster context.