DRC-Disaster Research Center

Shizheng Li

Graduate Research Assistant


Sizheng Li received his Master's degree in Beijing University of Technology where his research concerned damage detection of engineering structures by using Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithms.  He would like to expand his vision in civil engineering and face more intellectual challenges.  Furthermore, he does not only want to see the world in the engineering perspective, but also consider the influences of economic and social issues, so he decides to study more interdisciplinary areas.

Sizheng is currently working toward his Ph.D. specializing in Civil Infrastructure System.  He is advised by Professor Rachel Davidson.  Sizheng's research interest is the suppression of fire following earthquakes in urban areas which have many wood frame buildings.  His research is interdisciplinary and involves simulation, numeric modeling, GIS, risk analysis, decision making and field investigation in municipal departments and utility companies.  His work is to grab the whole picture of the civil infrastructure system under the threat of fire following earthquakes and find disciplines from great uncertainty and huge data resources.  He studies how the damaged water supply system and limited fire suppression resources interactively affect the fire spreading in large urban areas after the earthquake.