DRC-Disaster Research Center

Dr. James Kendra

166H Graham Hall
Newark, DE 19716-2581
Phone: (302) 831-0760
Fax: (302) 831-2091
Email: jmkendra@udel.edu
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Dr. James Kendra is an associate professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration and Director of the Disaster Research Center. Previously he was coordinator of the Emergency Administration and Planning Program in the Department of Public Administration at the University of North Texas.

His research interests focus on individual and organizational responses to risk, improvisation and creativity during crisis, post-disaster shelter and housing, and planning for behavioral health services.  Projects have included research on the reestablishment of New York City’s emergency operations center after the 9/11 attacks, a major study of the waterborne evacuation of Manhattan on 9/11, research on the social impacts of the Indian Ocean tsunami, and research on the organization of disaster behavioral health services.

Dr. Kendra has participated in several quick response disaster reconnaissance trips, including the 2001 World Trade Center attacks, 2003 Midwest tornadoes, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, and Hurricane Ike in 2008, as well as documenting  maritime relief efforts in the US following the 2010 Haiti earthquake. He has been involved in several emergency planning and exercise efforts, and he is a Certified Emergency Manager. He graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy with a degree in marine transportation, and served several years at sea, attaining a Master Mariner license. His master’s degree is in geography from the University of Massachusetts, and his PhD is in geography from Rutgers University. He is a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, with interests in boating safety and public education.

Current Studies

National Science Foundation. 2010-2011. RAPID/Collaborative Research: San Bruno, California, September 9, 2010, Gas Pipeline Explosion and Fire. $40,000

National Science Foundation. 2010-2011. RAPID/Collaborative Research: The Forgotten Aspects of Evacuation: Mass Evacuee Processing and Care by Host Communities Following the Haiti Earthquake. $49,090.

Selected Publications

Krueger, S., Jennings, E., and Kendra, J.M. 2009. Local Emergency Management Funding: An Evaluation of County Budgets. Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management 6(1)
Article 43.

Kendra, J.M. 2007. The Reconstitution of Risk Objects. Journal of Risk Research 10(1): 29-48.

Kendra, J.M. and T. Wachtendorf. 2006. Community Innovation. In H. Rodríguez, E.L. Quarantelli, and R. Dynes (eds), Handbook of Disaster Research. New York: Springer. Pp. 316-

Kendra, J.M. and T. Wachtendorf. 2003. Elements of Resilience after the World Trade Center Disaster: Reconstituting New York City’s Emergency Operations Center. Disasters 27(1) 37-53. Reprinted in A. Boin (ed). 2008. Crisis Management. Thousand Oaks, CA.: SAGE.