DRC-Disaster Research Center

DRC Alumni

One of the most important contributions of the DRC to the field of disaster research is the vast network of experts that has been generated by the center. The following pages are devoted to profiles of DRC faculty and student alumni who have gone on to make their mark in the disaster/emergency mangement field. Feel free to browse the list, make contact with old friends, or survey what DRC grads have gone on to do.

By Year Started Working at DRC

Thomas Drabek (1963-1965)
Gary Kreps (1967-1971)    

This page is constantly under development. If you are a DRC alum and would like your information to be included in this section please download the DRC Alumni Information Form and e-mail a completed version along with a digital image to jtrainor@udel.edu. You can also choose to submit information posthumous for a friend, relative, or colleague. Finally, If you have images of your time at DRC we would love to have digital copies to include on these pages. Simply attach them to an e-mail. If you can include an approximate date, the names of the individuals pictured, and a caption that would be greatly apprecaited.