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International Research Committe on Disasters
(IRCD) (ISA-RC #39)

About the IRCD

The IRCD began in the 1970s when a " Working Group" on the Sociology of Disasters was organized in the International Sociological Association. This group obtained status as a permanent Research Committee on the Sociology of Disasters in 1982 and has since expanded to include members from all disciplines. The goal of the IRCD is simple: To provide a forum where academics and practitioners can share information about all aspects of disasters. This Committee with more than 200 members in over three dozen countries, has its own newsletter, "Unscheduled Events" and journal "The International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters" (established in May 1983). Below you can: Join the IRCD, Learn more about the IRCD and ISA, or browse the committee's current and past journal.

Join the IRCD

There are two ways you can join our committee. You can do so on line through the ISA or you can join us directly. The instructions follow.


Option #1- Join the IRCD and the ISA

Begin by clicking on the following link to reach an ISA membership form: ISA and IRCD Membership From

Fill in the form as required. Please note that the fees vary depending on what country you are from. (There is a complete list of countries with this form. To get it, click on, Table of economies by categories.) Find your country and see whether it falls in Category A, B or C.) Once you have confirmed your category, go down the form and check Research Committee # 39: Sociology of Disaster and select the amount you need to pay (Again based on the categries discussed above). Then pay. You can use a credit card on line.


Option #2- Join the IRCD Directly

Begin by downloading the following IRCD Membership Form.

Print and complete the form. Send the completed from and payment to the IRCD treasurer at the address below. Checks should be made out to the International Research Committee on Disasters. Credit card information should include type of card (Visa, Master Card, American Express etc.), card number, date of issue, date of expiry, name as shown on card, billing address of card holder.

Send the form and your payment to:

Secretary-Treasurer, International Research Committee on Disasters
IRCD, P.O. Box 4105, Bryan TX 77805, USA

If you are using credit card you can send the information by e-mail to ircdsecretary@gmail.com


IRCD Related Links


The International Research Committee on Disasters is a research Committee of the International Sociological Association (ISA)


The International Journal Of Mass Emergencies and Disasters

The Journal addresses issues of theory, research, planning, and policy. The central purpose is the publication of results from scientific research, theoretical and policy studies, and scholarly accounts of such events. Examples include: floods and earthquakes, explosions and massive fires, disorderly crowds and riots, energy cut-offs and power blackouts, toxic chemical poisonings and nuclear radiation exposures, and similar types of crisis-generating situations. Its audience includes specialists within various areas of research and teaching plus people working in the field who are responsible for mitigation, preparedness, response, or recovery actions.


The Journal of Mass Emergencies

Fourteen issues of Mass Emergencies were published by Elsevier Scientific of Amsterdam between 1975 and 1979.  The journal had been started by E. L. Quarantelli, Co-Director of the Disaster Research Center (then located at The Ohio State University), and Jiri Nehnevajsa, University Center for Urban Research (University of Pittsburgh).  It was abruptly discontinued by Elsevier in 1979 after only fourteen issues had been published.  This Web site makes available the contents of those fourteen issues (including one double issue).