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The Enrico Quarantelli Resource Collection

In addition to maintaining its own databases, DRC serves as a repository for materials collected by other agencies and researchers. The E. L. Quarantelli Resource Collection contains the world’s most complete collection on the social and behavioral science aspects of disasters. Now numbering more than 60,000 items, the Collection is open to both interested scholars and agencies involved in emergency management. This premier collection includes documents and publications not readily available elsewhere. The Center has its own book, monograph, and report series. To arrange a visit, contact Pat Young, Resource Collection Coordinator, using the Contact Coordinator Form.

DRC Stewardship of EMForum.org Archive

From 1997 to 2014, the Emergency Information Infrastructure Project (EIIP) hosted a continuing series of real-time, interactive presentations on a wide variety of emergency management-related topics, first via text chat and subsequently by the EMForum.org Webinar for the purpose of providing the opportunity for continuing education and professional exchange.

This effort was originally the result of a partnership between the Congressional Fire Service Institute (CFSI), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA), the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), and State and Local Emergency Management Data Users Group (SALEMDUG).  During October 1999, an independent, non-profit educational corporation was established to carry out the mission of promoting the safety of the general public by enhancing the effectiveness of individuals engaged in the emergency/disaster management enterprise.

Over the course of its existence, leaders in all phases of emergency management – preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation – volunteered their time to share their expertise and experience with their colleagues and respond to their questions.  This exchange was captured, first through text transcripts, and later, the addition of audio and video recordings, amassing a large archive that continues to remain relevant to the issues of the day.

In 2014 DRC partnered with leaders of EIIP to provide long term access to the EMForum.org Webinar archives through the E. L. Quarantelli Resource Collection web page.  Please access the full archives by clicking on the link below.

EMForum.org Archive

DRC Publications List

DRC maintains a complete list of all publications generated by DRC personnel. Publication types include: books and monographs; report series; historical and comparative disaster series; articles; preliminary papers; dissertations; final project reports; miscellaneous reports; research memos; field reports; and Master's theses. The list is in PDF format and organizaed by publication type.

DRC Publications List

DRC's Online Institutional Repository

The University of Delaware Library offers access to the UDSpace, an online institutional repository that provides access to the Disaster Research Center's research in digital form, including technical reports, working papers, conference papers, images, and more. Of particular interest to disaster researchers is access to over 600 DRC preliminary papers, reports, and other documents produced by DRC faculty and staff. Each entry in the Institutional Repository consists of two parts (1) a catalog record for the document (including author information, year published, and an abstract) and (2) a downloadable PDF file of the document itself.

DRC Institutional Repository - UDSpace

Instructions for Searching DRC - UDSpace