DRC-Disaster Research Center

DRC Publications

Click on the links below to access PDF lists of DRC publications available in each collection. Please note that this page only includes lists of documents many of which are available in full text electronic format through DRC's UD Library Institutional Repository Page.



This collection contains articles authored or coauthored by DRC personnel and published in various professional journals, books, and newsletters.


Books & Monograph Series

This collection contains lengthy documents that have published or produced on behalf of the Center by various independent publishers. Access the Book and Monograph list here.

Report Series

This collection is similar to the Books and Monographs Series in content, however the documents are briefer and published only by the DRC.  They are intended to exist as a final publication rather than serving as a transitional text for future publication, etc. Access the list of DRC Reports here.


This collection contains doctoral dissertations written by PhD students affiliated with the DRC during the pursuit of their degree. Access a list of DRC Dissertations here.

Final Project Reports

This collection contains reports produced by DRC personnel as a final summation of findings gleaned from project research.  These reports are often produced as part of the project agreement reached between the DRC and its funding organizations. Access a list of Final Project Reports here.

Historical & Comparative Series

This collection contains documents that look at historical events not being studied by the DRC at the time of production; that compare two or more events; or a combination of the two formats.  Not all documents included in this collection have been authored by DRC personnel. Historical and Comparative documents.

Masters Theses

This collection contains masters theses written by masters students affiliated with the DRC during the pursuit of their degree. Access a list of DRC Masters Theses here.

Miscellaneous Reports

This is a conglomerate collection containing those DRC publications that do not fit readily into any other appropriate category.  All publications within this collection are authored or coauthored by DRC personnel. Access the list of Miscellaneous DRC Reports.


Preliminary Papers

This collection contains papers of a transitional nature authored or coauthored by DRC personnel. These papers are intended for future submission to be considered for subsequent publication in professional journals. 


Working Papers

This collection contains papers authored by DRC personnel.  Although documents in this collection serve well as scholarly resources in their current form, they are also often written for consideration as part of a larger work such as a book, encyclopedia, etc.

Working Papers 1963-1972

Working Papers 1973-1989

Working Papers 1990-2009


Internal Field Reports

A series of DRC publications have been produced over the years which are intended to serve as internal reports resulting from field studies.  They are based on field research and were authored by the DRC personnel conducting the field study.  Over time the category name for the documents has transitioned from Research Memos to Research Notes to Research Reports to Field Reports.  Field Reports continue beyond 1988 but are not incorporated into the Resource Collection in the same manner as with previous reports, therefore they are not listed in the complete list.

Research Memos


*NOTE: Some documents are no longer available, therefore reference numbers may be omitted.