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Marti Worth


Contact Info 

Name:Marti Worth
Last Updated: 6/26/09


Brief BIO

1991-94 for ODMH, provided technical assistance and administration of two FEMA-funded crisis counseling grants.  Completed State MH and Emergency Management course at Emergency Management Institute in 1992. Served on Special Review Committee for Missouri’s FEMA grant application in 1993.

With erp&m, inc., consulted in Seminole, Volusia, Lake, Osceola, Orange and Brevard Counties, Florida, on initial and continuation of Local Mitigation Strategy development.  All six plans successfully passed FEMA review and were adopted.  I assisted in development of Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans in Volusia and Orange Counties.  Also, consulted in Kansas on Local Mitigation Strategy Development, assisting these levels of government to participate in planning and development of approaches that will minimize the potential effects of disasters. 


About This Alum’s Time at DRC

Years of Tenure(s): 1975-1977 
Title and/or Position(s): Graduate Student
Projects worked on while at DRC: Participated in 11 field studies
Other memories:We researched such a variety of disaster events from a hurricane to tornado to plane crash and train wreck.  But the most memorable was the Big Thompson Flood in Colorado which took three visits.  My most vivid recollection was seeing bodies brought in on carts.  Refrigerated trucks had to be brought in to store the 129 dead, and a forensic anthropologist to assist in the identification process of bodies and body parts.  There was no way of knowing who was in the canyon at the time or from where. The community was ill-prepared for the scope of such a disaster. A year later, we found that even the usually stoic sheriff’s men spoke of difficulty sleeping.


Since Leaving DRC

Agencies/Institutions worked for: Ohio Department of Mental Health, Office of Research and Evaluation, Emergency Response Planning and Management, inc.            

Other Information this Alum would like to share: I’m back living in Columbus Ohio after being in Orlando for 11 years, and Macon, GA for two.