National Association of Scholars (NAS)

UD Website: Various UD Policies on race and ethnicity

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Center for Individual Rights (CIR)

CIR Handbook for Students (on race preferences)

CIR Handbook for Trustees (on race preferences)

Center for Equal Opportunity (CEO)

California Civil Rights Initiative Home Page

Californians Against Discrimination and Preference (CADAP)

Affirmative Action and Diversity Page - diverse readings

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research: National Faculty Survey Regarding the Use of Sexual and Racial Preferences In Higher Education - October 1996

Connecticut Association of Scholars Survey of Faculty Opinion on Preferences - April 2000

The 10 Worst Educational Disasters of the 20th Century: A Traditionalist's List - An opinion by DAS member Kenneth M. Weinig

DAS Home Page

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