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Group Counseling

Groups/Classes/Workshops Available for Fall 2014


ANXIETY MANAGEMENT CLASS:  This class provides a supportive environment where students can learn practical strategies and techniques for managing their panic and anxiety.  We will include relaxation exercises for calming the body, cognitive strategies for dealing with worry and anxiety-provoking thoughts, and methods of working towards accepting and living peacefully with the present moment.  And what would a class be without homework?  If you’re considering this class, you already know that calming down is easier said than done.  We’ll teach you how, but practice is essential.  Each week there will be an assignment to practice one or more techniques.  This practice helps:  on average, anxiety levels drop by nearly 50% between the beginning and end of the class. 
Deb Cohen, Ph.D. and Tom Wahlund, Psy.D.
3:30 - 5 PM on Wednesdays


YOU GOT THIS!: Do you feel overly stressed? Do you focus negatively on the past or future? Do you experience emotions that are overwhelming? If so, this may be the group for you! This 5 week group program provides an opportunity to learn evidence-based skills and strategies for reducing anxiety and distress in a concentrated way. The group will meet for four weeks and include brief pre-group and post-group meetings with the co-leaders.
Mark Mason, Ph.D. and Karen Tsukada, Ph.D.
3 - 4:30 PM on Thursdays (October and November)


FACING LIFE TRANSITIONS: This group is a skill-based group that focuses on learning a more flexible way of dealing with challenging life moments. Life transitions could include any number of changes that impact your life circumstances either temporarily or permanently. Some examples could include: moving, starting school, leaving school, or changes in your family, health, or social life. Life transitions can increase our stress and make us feel anxious, sad, or angry. Even exciting changes (graduation, starting college, getting married) can cause us to feel difficult emotions. This is normal. As humans, change is difficult for us and it takes time to adjust.  And- there are things we can do to make the transition easier. 
Julie Garson, Psy.D. and Leia Charnin, MA
3 - 4:30 PM on Mondays


DIALECTICAL BEHAVIOR THERAPY SKILLS: This group is based on mindfulness and will focus on how to deal with emotional pain skillfully through distress tolerance skills such as self-soothing, observing-your-breath, half-smiling, and other awareness exercises.  These exercises will provide ways to accept reality as it is in the moment, nonjudgmentally, and help find meanings in difficult moments.  Group members will learn how to get in touch with their Wise Mind, which will help them distinguish pain from suffering and cope with overwhelming emotions. 
Soonhee Lee, Ph.D.
1:30 - 3 PM on Wednesdays


FAMILY ISSUES: This group is designed for men and women who want to get some support and feedback about how they deal with issues related to family (family members with substance problems, issues with anger, control, or just difficulty with having a son or daughter in college). The interpersonal focus will help members understand how they relate both inside and outside of their families. A variety of issues will be discussed including, but not limited to, boundaries, healthy communication, self-care, healthy relationships with family at home and friends on campus.
Brad Wolgast, Ph.D. and Andrés Pérez Rojas, M.S.
1 - 2:30 PM on Tuesdays


MINDFUL WAY THROUGH ANXIETY GROUP: Mindfulness is "paying attention, in a particular way; on purpose, in the present, and nonjudgmentally" (Kabat-Zinn, 1994). Mindfulness practices can help us step out of living our lives on "autopilot," while often feeling overstressed, and offer ways to live more fully by developing awareness of our unfolding experience, moment by moment. More specifically, rather than getting caught up in our thoughts and often worries about the future, the practice of mindfulness can help with grounding and centering ourselves to live more richly in the present. In this group, you and a small group of others (5 to 8 members) will learn more about the concepts of mindfulness and identify ways to incorporate formal and informal practices into your daily life. Attitudes of compassion, curiosity, wakefulness, presence, and nonjudmentalness will be discussed and cultivated in our lives.
Mark Mason, Ph.D. and Lindsay Sauers, Psy.D.
3 - 4:30 PM on Tuesdays


BODY IMAGE GROUP: Participants are students whose feelings about their appearance seriously affect their self-esteem. The group consists of five to eight women. Members can use the group to increase their insight about their relationships with food and to delve into some of the issues behind their beliefs about appearance or thinness. Themes that may be addressed include the influence of culture and media, dealing with others around food issues, learning to trust and be more intimate in relationships, feeling and expressing emotion, and managing stress.
Sharon Lee, Ph.D. and Stephanie Chong, M.C.
1 - 2:30 PM on Wednesdays


UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF AND OTHERS: UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: This group is designed for undergraduate men and women who want to get some support and feedback regarding interpersonal issues. This interpersonal focus will help members understand how they relate to people both inside and outside of the group.  A variety of issues may be discussed including, but not limited to, assertiveness, self-esteem, anxiety, perfectionism, friendship, dating, and family issues.
Jeremy Cohen, Ph.D. and Valerie Faure, M.S.
3 - 4:30 PM on Mondays


UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF AND OTHERS: GRADUATE STUDENTS: This co-ed group is designed to provide a supportive environment for graduate and non-traditional-aged undergraduate students explore their relational concerns and personal difficulties. In particular, we hope that help members gain greater interpersonal self-awareness to facilitate more meaningful and satisfying relationships. Members are invited each week to bring up concerns that they would like the group to address (e.g., relationships with advisors/family/friends/intimate partners, work/life balance, feelings of depression/anxiety). The group will offer a safe space for members to benefit from the shared experience, from multiple perspectives, and explore new ways of relating with others.
Leigh Ann Carter, Psy.D. and Tom Wahlund, Psy.D.
3 - 4:30 PM on Thursdays


Open/Walk-in discussion groups

LAVENDER CHATS (LGBTQ STUDENTS): Join us and other UD students to chat in a safe space about a wide range of topics related to LGBTQ issues, such as coming out, dating, sexual and gender identities, relationships with family and friends, dealing with bias and discrimination, religion/spirituality, finding acceptance and community, and more. There will be free pizza and soda served!
Jeremy Cohen, Ph.D., Valerie Faure, M.S., and Mark Mason, Ph.D.
5 - 6:15 PM on Wednesdays
Perkins Student Center (Alumni Lounge or Kirkwood Room)


VETERANS GROUP: This group offers a safe space for veterans to talk about their experiences and support one another.
Kelly Ozambela, Ph.D.
12:30 - 2 PM on Thursdays








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