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Career and Major Decisions

Learn About Yourself - Values

Decisions, Learn about Yourself, Gain Experience, Learn about the World of Work gain experience learn about yourself decisions learn about the world of work interests skills values Values include the things in life that are most or least important to you.  Some examples are making a lot of money, having autonomy, having good work/life balance, helping others, etc.  Below are links to some values inventories and checklists and worksheets to help you start thinking about your own values and how they relate to careers.

O*NET Work Importance Profiler

Work Values Exercise from Lifework Transitions

Motivating Factors Exercise from Lifework Transitions

Focus Career and Education Planning Solutions

Because many of the self-assessments above do not tie your results directly to various careers or work environments, you may need a trained professional to help you understand how your results related to careers and majors. Please contact CCSD to arrange an appointment for assistance.

Remember:  Career exploration and development is a very complex process.  You may need assistance exploring any of these pieces and/or integrating all of this information and figuring out how it relates to majors and careers.  Please contact CCSD to schedule an appointment for further assistance.

Also, remember that your values, interests, and abilities are likely to change over time.  As we said, this is a journey, and it may take you places you never imagined!

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