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Career and Major Decisions

Decisions, Learn about Yourself, Gain Experience, Learn about the World of Work gain experience learn about yourself decisions learn about the world of work

Pros and Cons Exercise

1.  Write down the decision you are considering on a piece of paper, phrasing it as though you had already made the decision.  For example, “Change my major to elementary education.”

2.  Divide the paper into two columns, labeling one “pros” and the other “cons.”  In the “pros” column, list the positive consequences of this choice.  In the other column, list the negative consequences.  Develop as complete a list as you can.

3.  After your list is complete, rate each item in the “pros” column in its importance to you a number from 1 – 5, with 1 = “a little important” and 5 = “extremely important.”  Rate each item in the “cons” column in the same way (1 = “a little important” and 5 = “extremely important.”).

4.  Add the numbers from each column.  The numbers provide a way to compare the impact of the pros and cons and may help you evaluate the option.  If the numbers from the columns are both high, you may need some additional time or information to help with this decision.

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