Applicant Conduct Policy

To participate in services offered by the Career Services Center (CSC) including Blue Hen Careers you must read and agree to the terms outlined below. Students should recognize that they can both positively and negatively influence current and future positions for themselves and fellow applicants as well as the reputation of the University of Delaware. If you have any questions, please contact the Career Services Center.

FERPA Authorization:

By logging into Blue Hen Careers you give permission to the UD Career Services Center to share your resume and any other uploaded documents with employers.

Participation in UD's Blue Hen Careers database and Campus Interview Program

In order to participate in UD's Blue Hen Careers database and campus interview program, you must:

Late Cancellations

If you need to cancel your interview, you must notify CSC at least 48 hours in advance so that alternates may be contacted. Call (302) 831-8138 or email:

Blue Hen Careers Account Suspension

Accepting a Job

When you accept a job offer, it is important to inform the CSC of your decision, because it affects your participation in the Campus Interview Program and the Resume Books. Consequently, you should keep the following principles in mind:

Disciplinary Action

The CSC reserves the right to review violations of this policy and to suspend access to all career services on a permanent basis. In order to regain access to Career Services, you may be required to:

This policy is subject to change without prior notice. All applicants are still subject to the terms of this policy.

Updated 11/2/12 LJ


Confidentiality of Records Maintained by the Career Services Center

Career counseling is a shared venture with responsibility resting on both the career counselor and the client. In order to enable you and your career counselor to work most effectively together we ask that you carefully read the information below. If you have any questions, your counselor will be happy to discuss them with you.

Career counselors at the University of Delaware are available to assist you throughout the career development process. It is important to keep in mind that you may be asked to complete certain tasks intended to help you in your decision-making process, such as completing a personality and/or interest inventory.

You may be concerned about what happens to any records or notes kept by our office in providing you with career counseling services. Our practice is to preserve the confidentiality of all records to the maximum extent allowed by law and University policy.

Information provided by you, interview session notes, career planning assessment measures, and other information such as academic records and job-search related information will be kept confidential except under the following conditions:

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