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Internships and Field Experience

Need some help getting started? Check out Steps to an Internship and Internship Information.

Use the online Blue Hen Careers system to identify local, regional, and national internships. Search by job type, major or geographic location. Internships are available in the arts, business, communications, science, engineering, agriculture, human services, and more.

It is the student's responsibility to determine the suitability of the internship position and organization. Students are encouraged to discuss questions or concerns about employers with the professional staff in the Career Services Center.

Need financial help to defray the cost of your internship? Check out Alumni Enrichment Awards.

Internship and Summer Housing Guide

Obtaining credit for internship experiences:

  1. Arrange an independent study with a faculty member.
  2. Participant in a departmental internship.
  3. Register for UNIV 364 - Experiential Internship
  4. Students from any major who wish to obtain credit for their internship placement can register for this three free-elective credit class, which is held during the Fall (1 section), Winter (2 sections), Spring (1 section), and Summer (1 section). Because the course is limited to 20 students per section, seniors receive top priority for the Fall and Spring sessions. There hasn't been a problem accommodating students at any level during the Winter or Summer sessions. Advance registration is usually necessary in order to obtain a spot in the Fall or Spring UNIV 364 classes. Small classes are required for interaction and problem solving.

    When you read the description of the course in the catalog, you will see that it is necessary for you to arrange an internship on your own prior to entering class. This internship should be in an area related to your major or an area of possible career interest. Nearly a thousand internship opportunities are listed in Blue Hen Careers. Internship directories that list national and international internships are available in the Career Library. The Internship handout lists websites that contain internships. It is also possible to arrange an internship on your own with a company that interests you.

    It is necessary to spend a minimun of 50 hours at your internship site during the session or semester you are enrolled in UNIV 364. It is not possible to take the class before or after you have completed your internship. It is possible to take UNIV 364 more than one time, however, the credits do not count toward graduation unless you have a different instructor and a different internship the second time around. You must obtain a Learning Contract from the Career Services Center and fill it out with your internship goals and expectations and have it signed by your internship supervisor. After signing the Learning Contract yourself, you must bring it to your UNIV 364 instructor on the first day of class so that he/she can sign it. In addition to the Learning Contract you turn in to your instructor, it is advisable to keep a copy for your own use.

    Select your internship with care, keeping in mind that the purpose of an internship is to explore career options, learn organizational culture, hone new skills, apply classroom knowledge to real world situations, and perform valuable service. These criteria can not be satisfied by any or all work or volunteer experiences. Be sure to discuss a potential internship site with your instructor prior to the start of UNIV 364 to confirm the appropriateness of your site selection.

    UNIV 364 - Experiential Internship is designed to complement the experiences you have at your internship site. There will be lecture and discussion about a variety of topics including: career development, personality and learning styles, and diversity. There will be no exams but assignments, attendance and participation will count for 70% of your grade for the course with 30% contributed by your Internship Evaluation, submitted by your site supervisor.

    If you have further questions, please contact Scott Rappaport, Program Coordinator, Career Services Center,, 302-831-1231.

  5. Obtaining Credit for Internships Taken "Off Site"

Some students may seek credit through Career Services for "off site" internships (those at a distance of more than fifty miles from campus) for Winter or Summer internships. The following questions and answers should be read to understand the rules and regulations that apply under these circumstances.

To get 3 elective credits through the Career Services Center for your "off site" internship, you must do the following:

A. Make an appointment to see your instructor or Scott Rappaport at the Career Services Center to get approval for your internship site and find out what assignments you will have to fulfill.

B. Register for UNIV 364.

C. Obtain a Learning Contract from the front desk at Career Services Center. Write down your internship goals and have the contract signed by your internship supervisor. Return the contact to your instructor.

Commonly asked questions:

(Q) I won't be paid for my internship but State law says I have to get credit. I am an out-of-state student and will have to pay tuition at the University of Delaware to do this internship through UNIV 364. I just can't afford that and I don't need the credit.

- May I just register for 1 credit instead of 3?

- May I do the internship in the summer or winter and then register for UNIV 364 for the Fall or Spring and get my credits then?

(A) NO. In order to get credit for your internship through Career Services you must register for the full three credits and do the internship I the same session/semester you register for credit. This is a firm, non-negotiable policy.

(Q) Are there any other ways I can get credit for my summer or winter internship?

(A) YES.

- Locate a college or community college near your internship site which has an experiential or internship course. Pick up a Transfer of Credit form from the Student Services Building and bring it, along with a copy of the course description, to Scott Rappaport at the Career Services Center (an appointment is recommended).

- Identify a faculty member who is willing to support your out-of-class experience through UNIV 262; 362; or 462 (Experiential Learning).