Course Information


Grading, Evaluation Policies and Procedures

100 points are distributed as follows:

Case Study #1: 15 points
Case Study #2: 15 points
Case Study #3: 15 points
Stone Project: 10 points
Mid-Term Exam #1: 15 points
Mid-Term Exam #2: 15 points
Final Exam: 15 points

Final Grade Scale:

A 92-100
A- 90-91
B+ 86-89
B 82-85
B- 80-81
C+ 76-79
C 72-75
C- 70-71
D+ 66-69
D 62-65
D- 60-61
F <60

Evaluation Criteria

Instructions for each written report, and criteria that will be used in grading it, are found under the Assignments Tool. The Assignments Tool should be used to submit each assignment, and detailed instructions for use of this tool are found on the Sakai help page. One point will be deducted for each day that the assignment is late.


Check your individual Exam Scheduler from UD Online for specific days and times when your exam will be available and to identify where you go to take the exam:

Due to the complex structure of exam datea and times depending upon where you have arranged to take your exams, students are responsible for identifying their exam dates, times, and locations through their Exam Scheduler. the course instructor does not have information about who is taking exams where and when. Once scheduled, make-up exams can only be taken in place of a scheduled time if you have a doctor's note indicating you were too ill to take the test on time.