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Bays Used to describe the width of a building. A bay is equal to one opening, (windows and doors) on an elevation. For example, a three-bay building may contain two windows and one central door.
Board and Batten Door A door consisting of thin boards nailed together. This can be done in a number of different patterns and styles. For example, in a z-pattern batten door horizontal pieces of wood are attached to each other by diagonal pieces, forming a z over the battens.
Chair Rail A horizontal wooden molding applied to a wall at the level of the back of a chair. A chair rail is designed to protect the walls from scraping or scuffing on the backs of chairs.
Chamfer A beveled edge on the corner of a post or beam.
Cornice A horizontal molded projection crowning the ceiling or roof. In this project there are a number of cornice styles used to provide a decorative touch to the exterior of buildings.
Cupola A circular or polygonal projection rising from the roof used for observation or decoration, often used on public buildings.
Elevation In a description elevation is used to mean the face of the wall.
Fenestration Describes the placement of window openings.
Floor Plan Drawing showing the placement of walls, windows, doors, and other architectural features.
Gable-Front Describes the relationship of the entrance to the roof style. A front-gable house places the main entrance on a gable wall, rather than the long elevation.
Ghost Marks Markings left when an architectural feature (such as a wall, stair, or window) has been removed. Outlines of stairs and plaster residue on studs are two examples of ghost marks.
Girt Horizontal framing member located at the top of a wall or between floors.
Hipped Roof A roof formed by four pitched roof surfaces.
Light Refers to one glass piece in a window and is used to describe number (division) of glass pieces in a window. A four-over-four light window describes a window where the top and bottom sashes each are divided into four pieces of glass.
Returning Cornice The continuation of a molding (cornice) in a different direction. The continuation does not always run the full face of the elevation.
Rusticated Stone A form of cement block created by pouring cement into a form. Using rusticated stone allowed for various block designs to be created.
Side-Gable Describes the relationship of the entrance to the roof style. A side-gable house places the main entrance on a non-gable wall.
Shed Roof A roof made of only one inclined piece.
Shutter Dog Decorative piece used to hold the shutter open against an exterior wall.
Site Plan Measured drawing showing the location of buildings and the surrounding landscape elements.
Stair Box Used to describe the area containing the stairs, including width and depth.
Straight Stair A stair which contains no curves or angles, but only a straight run of treads.
Summer Beam A part of the framing system, a large beam that runs from girt to girt and carries one end of the floor joist.
Transom A small window or series of lights above a door or window.
Vestibule A small entrance room leading into a larger space.
Wainscoting Wood or other material used as facing on the lower portion of a wall, below a chair rail or other molding.
Winder Stair A stair with treads that are triangular and wrap 180 degrees around a post.





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