The CBC Facilities Cancellation Form:

This cancellation form must be completed by all Student Organizations that participate in the Center for Black Culture's date policies and procedures regardless of where the event is to take place. This cancellation form needs to be completed by organizations at least two weeks prior to the event. It also needs to be used when cancelling the reservation for space in the Center for Black Culture, in addition to cancelling the organization's event or date use. The following policies apply to all reservations:

» Center for Black Culture Policies and Procedures (click to display).

Symbol Key:  required Required Information,  error Error
Contact Information:
Your Name: required
Campus Phone: required   (555-123-4567)
E-mail: required
Event Information:
Name of Program or Meeting:  
Sponsor Organization: required
Event Contact Person: required
Contact Phone: required   (555-123-4567)
Contact Address: required
Date of Event: required   (MM/DD/YYYY)
Type of Event:    Meeting           Presentation
 Conference    Other
Start Time: required     AM PM
End Time:       AM PM
Reason for Cancellation: required
Comments: blank
This request is not considered valid until you have received a written confirmation via email from a representative of the Center for Black Culture.

Statement of Responsibility:
I certify that I am an authorized representative of the sponsoring organization/department and have familiarized myself with the University policies regarding this program. My organization will be responsible for adhereing to these policies and for any damage to the facility and its contents.


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