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This comprehensive plan provides coverage that can include eye examinations, frames/lenses or contact lenses and other vision related expenses. The UD vision plan is administered through Superior Vision Services, which boasts a national provider network of more than 27,000 locations. The Superior Vision Services network includes ophthalmologists, optometrists and optical companies that provide broad geographic coverage throughout every state in the U.S.

Through the Flexible Benefit Program, the University provides pre-tax Flex Credit to cover the premium for full-time employees; benefits for dependents and retirees are voluntary at an additional cost.

Using your Vision Benefits

You decide how to use your in-network or out-of-network vision benefits. You select an in-network provider and identify yourself at the time of service by providing the information that is shown on your personalized Superior Vision I.D. card.

You may also use out-of-network services by paying the out-of-network provider in-full for all services and materials. To receive your reimbursement, you must submit an itemized invoice or receipt from your provider to Superior Vision Claims Services. You will be reimbursed according to the out-of-network schedule of reimbursements less any applicable co-pay amount(s). The chart below provides a general outline of the benefits and reimbursement levels under the plan.

Superior Vision Member Guide

This document explains some of your plan’s more important features. Before using your benefits, please read both sides of this Member Guide. You will have a better understanding of how to use your vision benefits to help you save money while managing your vision health and general wellness.

Summary of Vision Benefits

Comprehensive Eye Exam ($15.00 co-pay) 12 months
Lens 12 months
Frames 24 months
Contact Lenses* 12 months

Benefit Benefit Amount
Benefit Amount
Comprehensive Eye Exam
   Ophthalmologist (M.D.) Covered in Full Up to $34.00
   Optometrist (O.D.) Covered in Full Up to $26.00
Standard Lenses (Per Pair)
   Single Vision Covered in Full Up to $26.00
   Bifocal Covered in Full Up to $39.00
   Trifocal Covered in Full Up to $49.00
   Lenticular Covered in Full Up to $78.00
   Frame-Standard** Up to $150 Retail* Up to $79.00
Contact Lenses (Per Pair)*
   Medically Necessary Covered in Full Up to $210 retail
   Elective-Cosmetic Up to $120 retail* Up to $100 retail
*Contact lenses a are in lieu of eyeglass lenses and frames benefit.
**The insured is responsible for paying any charges in excess of this allowance.

Discounts! Discounts! Discounts!

Under the vision plan, you can also receive a discount of 20% off the provider’s charges for prescription eyeglass lens upgrades, such as: Coatings, Transitions, Polaroid, Polycarbonate, Ultra-thin Materials (High Index), Tints, etc.

For example, you pay the difference in price between the provider’s standard trifocal price and the price of the progressive power lens design selected. This additional cost for progressive power lenses is subject to a 20% discount from participating providers who are identified with a “DP” (Discount Plan) in their directory listings.

Discounts* on
Prescription eyeglass lenses 30% off retail prices
Frames 30% off retail prices
Add-on charges to basic lenses 20% off retail prices
Everyday "frame and lens package pricing" 20% off retail prices
Contact lenses, standard hard or soft 20% off retail prices
Disposable contact lenses 10% off retail prices
All other prescription materials 20% off retail prices

* Discounts on eyeglasses and contact lenses are available only from Superior Vision Plan in-network providers who are identified in the provider directory with a “DP” as part of the services they provide under the Plan. Discounts do not apply to the covered benefit.

Discounts on LASIK Surgery

Superior Vision Services has contracted a special network of over 500 refractive surgeons nationwide who specialize in the popular elective procedures of radial keratotomy (RK), photo-refractive keratotomy (PRK) and LASIK. These providers offer Superior Vision Plan members a 20% discount off their usual and customary surgical fees for these procedures.

Easy Access to Member Services

A single call by a member or provider to a Member Services Rep. can answer your questions regarding benefits, eligibility, coverage, provider information and claims. Call the Member Services toll-free line, 800-507-3800, or you may find additional information on the Superior Vision Services website at http://www.superiorvision.com.

Benefits Rate Chart

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