BlueCare HMO Primary Care Physician

You can check whether your current primary care physician (PCP) or other doctors that you visit are participating in BlueCare’s network at any time by going online at  The information on this website is continually updated as new doctors join the BlueCare network.

  • Click on Find a Doctor, Lab, Hospital
  • In box 2, click the radio button for the provider type
  • In box 2, click on the down arrow to choose a category of provider
  • In box 3, enter how you want to search, i.e. zip code, county & state, or a  provider’s  name
  • Click Submit
  • Click on a heading to change the sort order

That is it! You will be presented with a list of providers who match your criteria. You can obtain additional information about each provider by clicking on the "Name" for additional information or the "Address" for directions.  The six character PCP# is used to designate the PCP for each enrolled family member.  You must specify a PCP for each family member; however, each member can designate a different PCP.

To change your PCP, call Customer Service at (800) 633-2563 or (302) 429-0260. The change is effective three working days after BlueCare (BCBSDE) receives the request.