403(b) Retirement Plan Annual Contribution Limits

The following chart summarizes the changes in tax law that impact the University 403(b) plan.

403(b) Plan Dollar and Percentage Limits
Rule 2013 2014 2015
Limit on employee contributions $17,500 $17,500 *$18,000
"Catch-Up" contributions for participants 50 or over $5,500
Compensation limit for plan contributions for UD employees joining the plan after 7/1/1996 $255,000 $260,000 *$265,000
Limit on employer plus employee contributions $51,000 $52,000 **$53,000

* Limits subject to annual review by the IRS.
** Age 50 Catch-up contributions can be excluded from 415 Limit, allowing total employer and employee contributions to be as much as $59,000. Contact Human Resources for additional information.