Second Writing Requirement Courses

Note well: the second writing requirement must be taken by all students in their junior or senior year only. The following courses fulfill the second writing requirement of Arts & Sciences. See the relevant Registration Booklet each semester for additional courses.

ARTH250 Rulers' Images from Augustus to George Washington
ARTH301 Research and Methodology in Art History
ARTH302 Prints and Society
ARTH310 The Role of the Artist in Society
ARTH311 Renaissance Women, Society, and the Arts
ARTH402 Undergraduate Seminar in the History of Art
ARTH405 Seminar in Greek and Roman Art
ARTH406 Seminar in Medieval Art
ARTH408 Seminar in Northern Renaissance Art
ARTH413 Seminar in Renaissance Art and Architecture
ARTH417 Seminar in Northern Baroque Art
ARTH419 Seminar in Spanish Art of the Golden Age
ARTH423 Seminar in Twentieth-Century Art
ARTH429 Seminar in Modern Architecture
ARTH431 Seminar in American Architecture
ARTH435 Seminar in American Art
ARTH440 Seminar in Latin American Art
ARTH445 Seminar in East Asian Art
ARTH456 Seminar in Contemporary Architecture