Undergraduate Curriculum

2016 Summer Courses
2016 Fall Courses
Summary of Undergraduate Curriculum Credits
Within the Department at least 33 credits required (maximum 45 credits)
Two (maximum) 100-level ARTH courses (ARTH153 and ARTH154 recommended in the freshman year) No more than 6 credits
Four courses at the 200-level or above, one each in 4 of the 5 following areas:
Before the year 1400
African, Asian, Islamic, or Latin American art
Other ARTH courses at 200-level or above (excluding ARTH202/ENGL202)
Note: A minimum of 12 of the above 24 credits must be taken at UD.
Research and Methodology in Art History (ARTH301) 3
Art History course at the 300-level or above 3
Art History seminar at the 400-level 3
Within the College of Arts and Sciences 15 credits of related work as follows:
Biblical and Classical Literature (ARTH202/ENGL202) 3
Any advisor-approved 200- or 300-level History course 3
Nine credits from the following areas: Anthropology, Studio Art, Education, English, History, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Music, Philosophy, and Theatre 9
University Requirements
Critical Reading and Writing (ENGL110) 3
Multicultural Requirement course 3
Discovery Learning Experience 3
College Requirements
Writing course
(junior or senior year)
Foreign language (German or French highly recommended for Art History majors) Varies
(MATH113, 114, 115, 117, 121 or 210, 221, 230, 241, or higher)
Breadth Requirement
Pre-approved courses that emphasize:
Understanding and appreciation of the creative arts and humanities (Group A) 9
The study of cultures and institutions over time (Group B) 9
The study of natural phenomena through experiment and analysis (Group D) 10
Sufficient electives to meet the minimum credit requirement of 124 for the Art History degree Varies
Total Credits to Graduate 124