Architectural Studies

Architectural Studies is a set of courses offered by the Department of Art History to provide undergraduate students with insights into the history and meaning of architecture and the built environment. With a wide range of courses, students can examine cities and buildings in terms of physical form, cultural expression, and political history. Simultaneously technical and cultural, Architectural Studies allows majors in STEM fields (especially Engineering) to quickly develop new perspectives in humanities and social sciences, and, at the same time, encourages majors in History, English, Foreign Languages, Business Administration, Area Studies, and Environmental Studies, among others, to consider material and economic factors that inform social and political processes.

List of Courses

ARTH150    Monuments and Methods in the History of Art
ARTH153    Introduction to Art History: Pyramids to Cathedrals
ARTH154    Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to Modern
ARTH156    Rome: From Caesar to Fellini
ARTH162    History of Architecture
ARTH163    Architecture in Global Contexts
ARTH198    Studies in World Art and Architecture
ARTH204    Architecture and Power in Africa
ARTH206    Introduction to Art and Architecture in Africa
ARTH220    Italian Renaissance Architecture
ARTH233    Art and Architecture in China
ARTH244    American Architecture
ARTH245    The American Home
ARTH299    Modern Architecture
ARTH314    Seminar: Shops and Shopping
ARTH321    Great Cities of the World
ARTH334    Cairo: Architecture and Revolution
ARTH413    Seminar in Renaissance Art and Architecture
ARTH414    Seminar in Italian Renaissance Architecture
ARTH421    Seminar in Nineteenth Century Art
ARTH429    Seminar in Modern Architecture
ARTH431    Seminar in American Architecture
ARTH445    Seminar in East Asian Art and Architecture
ARTH456    Seminar in Contemporary Architecture