Violin solo for friends of Art History

Advising for Art History Majors: Art History majors are advised by full-time faculty members in the Department. Freshman are assigned to an advisor for their four years at Delaware and are advised to stay in close contact for general academic information and advice. Students should schedule appointments with an advisor at least twice a year for help in planning a curriculum. Advisors also offer office hours for students to drop by to discuss academic problems or plans for the future, such as jobs or graduate school. In addition, advisors assist students interested in museum work in finding credited internships or curatorial apprenticeships after their freshman year.

Advising for Art History Minors: Art History minors requiring advisement should contact the current Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Independent Study Projects and Internships: Students who wish to engage in independent study projects such as the University Gallery Curatorial Apprenticeship Program or another type of internship at an art institution may, with the approval of the departmental faculty member directing such study, sign up under ARTH366-xxx. The section number to use depends on the faculty member directing the project.

Also, students must secure the signature of the directing faculty member on the appropriate Special Problems Title Code Sheet Form issued by the secretary in the Art History Department Office. This form must then be returned to the departmental secretary. For more information on Independent Study courses, contact the current Director of Undergraduate Studies.