Order Boxes
Material sent to the Records Center for storage must be sent in Archive Boxes. Please do not use any other type of box. The Archive Boxes are designed specifically for long term storage, and are of a uniform size ensuring that they will stack and fit properly on the shelves.

Archive Boxes are ordered through the Blue Hen Market. Click on the Central Stores link. If you need more detailed instructions, please see below.

Please do not call or email the Records Center looking for Archive Boxes. We do not stock or sell them. All boxes must be ordered through Central Stores.

How To Order Boxes
  1. Type http://www.udel.edu/bluehenmarket into your browser's address (location) bar.
    Blue Hen Market URL.
  2. Click on the Central Stores link, located on the right, under the UD Request for Services heading).
    Blue Hen Market.
  3. Login to CAS (Note: If you are already logged in, you may not see this step.).
    CAS login.
  4. Click on the down arrow to the right of Choose one under Items requested/Category.
    Blue hen market URL.
  5. Select Archive Box (Iron Mountain Environmentalist - Letter/Legal Size w/ Cover) - 8815300-EA - $X.XX.
    Don't forget to enter the quantity of boxes you want under the Qty heading.
    The current price will be shown on the website.
    Blue hen market URL.